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João’s War

João’s war – the Angolan civil war – was, as Angolans kept telling me, ‘the most sophisticated war in Africa,’ which meant that the oil on the one side and the diamonds and the elephant ivory on the other had purchased for all parties some impressive military hardware. They were proud of that.  This article…
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A Man’s Man

At first I enjoyed being the only person ever to have read The Dark of Summer. It was like coming across a deserted beach that can only be reached by boat. But then, glancing down Linklater’s exhausting bibliography (twenty-three novels, ten plays, six collections of short stories, three biographies and more) the thought began to…
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Brazil’s Big House

Once, when I was arguing with my Brazilian Hostess about the destruction of the Amazon, she snapped “You have no idea how big this country is!” That’s Brazil: big – grande – grand in size and gesture. So when the São Paulo Authorities shut down Latin America’s largest and most infamous jail, they didn’t just…
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