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The House at the Edge of the World shortlisted for Desmond Elliott Prize

The House at the Edge of the World has been placed on the short list for the Desmond Elliott Prize for Fiction 2016, which showcases debut novelists in the UK and Ireland. Here’s an extract from a Q&A with Julia. To read the full version visit the Desmond Elliott Prize website. Q&A WITH JULIA ROCHESTER Meet…
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The House at the Edge of the World longlisted for Baileys Prize

The House at the Edge of the World makes the Baileys Prize long list, just in time for the paperback edition – due out 7 April.

Hexham 2016

Hexham is in the land of my Rochester forebears, so I’m looking forward to talking to Lynn Curtis about The House at the Edge of the World at the Hexham Book Festival on 28 April. Further details

Cheltenham 2015

How do you write the defining moment on which a plot hinges? The Bookseller’s Books Editor Cathy Rentzenbrink discusses this and other writing techniques with debut authors Laura Barnett (The Versions of Us) and Julia Rochester (The House at the Edge of the World). Further details

Bringing Stan In

‘Bringing Stan In’, a short story commissioned by Whole Story Audiobooks to complement the audiobook of ‘The House at the Edge of the World’ is available on “Why do you want to be a boat builder?” “Because,” said Morwenna, “I like the way the boats grow.” Morwenna and Corwin are eight years old, wind-swept…
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Emerald Street review

NEW FICTION: THE HOUSE AT THE EDGE OF THE WORLD BY JULIA ROCHESTER… Oh, Morwenna is a narrator that pulls no punches. “When I was 18, my father fell off a cliff. It was a stupid way to die,” she tells us. These are the first two sentences and, right there, is Morwenna – cynical, somewhat detached…
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The first review is in…

I started reading The House at the Edge of the World by Julia Rochester this weekend, and it’s one of those books has just taken control. I could not put it down, it’s so good! Intense and compellingly written, I’ve ended up fitting my weekend around reading it… Read more. Lovely first review for The House at the…
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João’s War

Writing for Granta Online

João’s war – the Angolan civil war – was, as Angolans kept telling me, ‘the most sophisticated war in Africa,’ which meant that the oil on the one side and the diamonds and the elephant ivory on the other had purchased for all parties some impressive military hardware. They were proud of that.  This article…
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A Man’s Man

Writing for Slightly Foxed

At first I enjoyed being the only person ever to have read The Dark of Summer. It was like coming across a deserted beach that can only be reached by boat. But then, glancing down Linklater’s exhausting bibliography (twenty-three novels, ten plays, six collections of short stories, three biographies and more) the thought began to…
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Brazil’s Big House

Writing for Topic

Once, when I was arguing with my Brazilian Hostess about the destruction of the Amazon, she snapped “You have no idea how big this country is!” That’s Brazil: big – grande – grand in size and gesture. So when the São Paulo Authorities shut down Latin America’s largest and most infamous jail, they didn’t just…
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